September 10, 2018

AFP: Boko Haram captures Nigerian town after troop attack

September 9th, 2018


Phil Hazlewood, journalist with AFP, asked Yan St-Pierre to share his insights on Boko Haram’s attack on Gudumbali.

Yan St-Pierre, head of the Modern Security Consulting Group, said the Gudumbali attack was “another demonstration of ISWAP’s increasing capabilities and level of strength”. “They’ve been able in recent months to attack larger, more important targets with increasing frequency and success,” the counter-terrorism specialist told AFP. “It is likely to get worse because ISWAP is not only adapting to changing circumstances but benefiting from the changing dynamics in the Sahel as well.”


St Pierre said Nigeria’s military needed to break the cycle by acknowledging its tactics against the insurgents were not working and by addressing low morale. If it does not, “it will simply never be in a position to defeat them”, he added.

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