December 2, 2020

AFP: Nigerian farm massacre – What we know

December 1st, 2020


Camille Malplat, journalist with the AFP, interviewed Yan St-Pierre on the Boko Haram massacre on farmers in the north-east of Nigeria.

Yan St-Pierre of the Modern Security Consulting Group said the killing of civilians was “more akin to the operational methods of Boko Haram”. (…) The 11-year conflict in northeastern Nigeria is in stasis, St-Pierre said. The insurgents still hold swathes of land, and the boundaries under their control have not changed significantly. (…) “They (the aid agencies) are increasingly targeted by terrorist organisations,” St-Pierre said. Paradoxically, aid workers face suspicions within the army and among public opinion that they tacitly support the jihadists.

To read the full article, please refer to the link above.

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