November 23, 2018

AFP: Surge in strength? Questions asked about Boko Haram troop attacks

November 23rd, 2018


Phil Hazlewood, journalist with AFP, interviewed Yan St-Pierre on the increasing numbers of Boko Haram attacks against Nigerian troops:

But Yan St-Pierre, a counter-terrorism specialist with the Modern Security Consulting Group (MOSECON) in Berlin, said there were implications beyond Nigeria’s borders. The intensity and regularity of recent attacks indicated ISWAP now had “a capacity for sustained warfare” and “a significant number of fighters and materials” at its disposal. Asked whether that meant external support from IS remnants from elsewhere, he told AFP: “Without a doubt.” He added: “ISWAP’s attacks occur against military and foreign targets with increasing frequency in Nigeria, Chad and Niger, with an increasing presence in Cameroon.” That “not only demonstrates that ISWAP has the capacity and the mobility to successfully organise attacks in multiple areas but that its interests are fully regional”, he said. “Put in the context of expanding IS activity in the Sahel — especially eastwards — this regional focus is an important change that affects ISWAP military operations.”

To read the full article, please refer to the link above.

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