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Indus News: Europe – Rise of Xenophobic Violence

Waqarh Rizvi, journalist with Indus News, interviewed Yan St-Pierre on the attacks on Shisha bars in Germany, which have raised concerns over growing right-wing extremism, xenophobia & racism in the West.


Phoenix News Hong Kong: Munich Security Conference 2020

Phoenix News Hong Kong interviewed Yan St-Pierre during the Munich Security Conference on EU-UK relations.

Voice of America

VOA News: US Military Assures Africa of Continued Support

Mohammed Yusuf, journalist with VOA News, interviewed Yan St-Pierre on the US military’s support to African governments in securing and stabilising their countries.

Deutsche Welle

DW: Burkina Faso reels after two jihadist attacks

Deutsche Welle interviewed Yan St-Pierre on the two jihadist attacks in Burkina Faso.