February 25, 2018

CBC: Another suspected Boko Haram kidnapping in Nigeria: The cycle continues

February 24rd, 2018

cbc radio canada

Anna Cunningham, journalist with CBC News, interviewed Yan St-Pierre on another suspected Boko Haram kidnapping in Nigeria.

“Boko Haram is still thriving and not desperate,” said Yan St-Pierre, CEO and counter terrorism advisor of the Berlin-based security firm MOSECON. “It is in a position to kidnap people on a near-daily basis if we include the attacks in Cameroon’s extreme north and those in Niger’s Diffa region” he said. Boko Haram has been blamed for attacks on the porous borders of neighbouring Niger and Cameroon. St- Pierre does not believe this latest school attack in Dapchi was just luck. “Boko Haram still has enough resources and personnel to carry significant attacks at will.”


“The goal is to integrate them into the ‘workforce,’ either as fighters (male) or wives and caretakers (women),” St-Pierre said by email. “Both genders are also used as suicide bombers for the organization.”


“Boko Haram is still a threat,” St Pierre said. “They can still attack at will and are now easily attacking areas that the Nigerian government declared ‘secured.'” “This is a war,” he said, “that will continue for a very long time.”

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