EGIC Roundtable: Coping with Coronavirus – series

Just before the coronavirus hit Europe hard, we had the great pleasure to meet up again with Mitchell Belfer and his crew in Prague, attending his roundtable on „Europe in Middle East Conflicts“, organised by his very own Euro-Gulf Information Centre (EGIC). Since then, we’ve had the pleasure to form a partnership and participate in EGIC’s (for now) online roundtables on several occasions.

From Policy Makers to Experts – Foreign Policy Debates in a Pandemic“ on April 14th, 2020

Terrorism in the Time of Coronavirus“ on March 31st, 2020

Reacting to Neumann’s point about the importance of publicity, St-Pierre said that while that is true for the larger groups, highly polarised campaigns also created ‘an environment where a lot of overseen single actors that are not directly linked to larger organisations feel somehow compelled to act,’ which we will now see more. Back to the question, St-Pierre said there is now more far-left activity in Europe and far-right in the United States: ‘Based on the current momentum, the far right is much more active [however] in the long-run, especially once the economic pressures are more felt, we will definitely see more of the far left reacting.’

Coping with Coronavirus – Euro-Gulf Perspectives“ on March 19th, 2020

Yan St-Pierre—Unfortunately terrorism has not stopped due to the isolation and extremism has not disappeared just because there is suddenly a pandemic virus: it has actually sharpened in various ways. Regardless if you’re far right, far left or religiously motivated, the pandemic provides justification for your position.“

You can sign up for all upcoming webinars or read up on past reports on EGIC’s website, and rest assured, we’re already planning more innovative ways of convening and spreading knowledge in the future.

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