Journal for Deradicalization: Call for Papers

The JD editors Daniel Koehler and Christine Hutzel invite academics, practitioners and policy makers to submit articles for the next JD issue to be published quarterly. Article types may include research papers, working papers, policy recommendations, conference reports, field experiences, interviews, book reviews and program introductions within the topic of radicalization and deradicalization studies of all radical milieus.
The JD editors Daniel Koehler and Christine Hutzel ask that you may use updated versions of previously published or unpublished work. However, original work will be preferred. The length of the contribution should be between 5.000 (for policy papers, field experiences, program introductions, book reviews) and 20.000 (research papers, working papers, interviews) words. Languages accepted are German and English. The JD Journal for Deradicalization is the world’s only peer reviewed periodical for the theory and practice of deradicalization with a wide international audience. The journal’s editorial board of expert advisors includes some of the world’s most renowned scholars in the field of deradicalization studies, such as Prof. Dr. John G. Horgan (Georgia State University); Prof. Dr. Tore Bjørgo (Norwegian Police University College); Prof. Dr. Mark Dechesne (Leiden University); Prof. Dr. Cynthia Miller-Idriss (American University Washington); Prof. Dr. Marco Lombardi, (Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore Milano); Dr. Paul Jackson (University of Northampton); Professor Michael Freeden, (University of Nottingham); Professor Hamed El-Sa'id (Manchester Metropolitan University); and Dr Omar Ashour (University of Exeter). If you are interested in submitting an article please send a short abstract (250 words) about your topic together with your affiliation to: by the end of the quarter. Please indicate the type of article you want to write and the approximate length. You will hear within the first week of the next quarter about the acceptance of your proposal. Afterwards the JD editors Daniel Koehler and Christine Hutzel ask you to finish the article until the end of that month. Your article will then run through a double blind peer review process and you will hear back until next mid-month about necessary changes. Please be aware that there will be no proofreading! You will be responsible for orthography and style. For reference regarding citation style etc. please see previous issues. Feel free to share this call with your colleagues and anyone who might be interested! The JD editors Daniel Koehler and Christine Hutzel look forward to all submissions! For more information follow them on Facebook ( or Twitter (@JD_JournalDerad). JD Editorial Staff