January 22, 2018

RFI: Sandhurst meeting proves bilateral relations are alive and well

January 18th, 2018

Radio France Internationale

Clea Broadhurst, journalist with RFI, interviewed Yan St-Pierre on the bilateral relations between the UK and France and how these will affect the G5 Sahel project.

It also aims to consolidate bilateral relations with France, a much needed ally for the UK post Brexit, according to counter-terrorism expert Yan St-Pierre. “It has less to do with the agenda in the region itself than with trying to re-establish very good bilateral relations with France. The G5 project for France is extremely important and I think that for the UK to invest in France’s project, for lack of a better expression, is a show of good faith.” St-Pierre added that this was something France needs, and Macron has been pushing for a European army. “It’s a way for him to say, ‘Invest in our projects, we’ll show you that we can do things well, establish something good going forward and for the UK, investing in France’s project in the Sahel is a step in that direction.” St-Pierre also says that it is in Britain’s interest to maintain good relations with EU countries, starting with France, especially because of the lack of clear foreign policy from the US.

To read the full article, please refer to the link above.

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