Should they stay or should they go? What to do with detained Foreign Fighters

It is and will be one of the hottest topics in the field of security in 2018: Should foreign fighters – especially those who pledged allegiance to ISIS – be allowed to return to their home countries? Yan St-Pierre explains the pros, cons & risks and gives his advice.


Yan St-Pierre, guest speaker at ICRC event “Counter-Terrorism: Legal Challenges and Regional Approaches”

On September 28, MOSECON CEO Yan St-Pierre spoke at the Regional Delegation of the ICRC in Russia (MKKK) conference “Counter-Terrorism: Legal Challenges and Regional Approaches”.


Gazeta Wyborcza: Manchester attack. Britain is experiencing what was France’s involvement two years ago

Monika Rębała from the Polish daily newspaper Gazeta Wyborcza interviewed Yan St-Pierre on the attack in Manchester, UK.


Mannheim Forum 2017 with Yan St-Pierre as Panelist

On March 17, MOSECON CEO Yan St-Pierre was invited to speak at the fifth congress of the Mannheim Forum, organised by the students of the university of Mannheim in Germany.