décembre 14, 2015

MOSECON among guests of honor at former Mali Defence Minister Soumeylou Maiga’s speech at Passau University

November 25, 2015

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On November 25, the Passau section of the Bundesverband für Sicherheitspolitik an Hochschulen (BSH) invited former Mali Minister of Interior and of Defence, his Excellency Soumeylou Boubèye Maïga, to discuss the security situation in Mali. (You’re welcome to watch a video of his speech in French with German translation below.)

Part of a three-day event on the conflict in Mali that also included a photo gallery and a screening of the prize winning movie “Timbuktu”, Mr Maïga’s presentation was chaired by the University of Passau vice-president Prof Ursula Reutner and attended by more than 600 students and distinguished guests, including honorary Consul of the Republic of Mali Dr Helmut Schmidt, Ulf Sümmerer of the Bundeswehr Reserves Association, Col Faguimba Ibrahima Kansaye, military attaché to the Embassy of Mali in Berlin, and Yan St-Pierre, CEO of MOSECON GmbH.

Speaking five days after the attack on the Radisson Blu hotel in Bamako which left 21 dead, Mr Maïga explained that the challenges facing Mali are huge and fluent. 60% of the country is a desert, yet that part of the country only contains 10% of the population, which makes providing security difficult. Mali also shares a border with seven different countries, which also creates challenges in developing policies that strive to provide stability and security to Mali, especially surrounded by the threat of terrorism and the civil war in Libya. It is Mr Maïga’s hope that international collaboration, both regionally and beyond, will help Mali overcome its security issues and create an environment of peace and stability in which Mali can develop and prosper.

MOSECON would like to thank the organizers – Marlene Rühlemann, Christian Zrenner and Matthias Fiebig – for the invitation and congratulate them on their excellent work and the great success of this event.