AFP: ISWAP jihadists attack Kukawa in Borno State, take hundreds hostage

Sophie Bouillon, journalist with the AFP, interviewed Yan St-Pierre on the jihadist attack against the community of Kukawa in Nigeria.


Phoenix News Hong Kong: Redeployment of US troops

Phoenix News Hong Kong interviewed Yan St-Pierre about the redeployment of US troops from German military bases.


France 24: Analysis – what now for the repatriated children of jihadi fighters?

France24 invited Yan St-Pierre to discuss what’s going to happen with the 10 repatriated children of suspected jihadist fighters from a Syrian refugee camp.


Asharq Al-Awsat: Yemen Rights Group Reveals over 30,000 Child Soldiers Recruited by Houthis

Asharq News reported on a virtual session organised by the Yemeni Coalition of Independent Women (CIY) on “Violations against childhood in Yemen”, including Yan St-Pierre as a speaker.