Phoenix News Hong Kong: US Nuclear weapons & aircraft carriers stationed in Germany

Phoenix News Hong interviewed Yan St-Pierre about US nuclear weapons and aircraft carriers stationed in Germany.


Zenith: Boko Haram is back

After the Boko Haram attack on the military base in Bohoma, Chad, Zenith Magazin has invited Yan St-Pierre to write an article on the security situation on the Lake Chad region.

Image by Pete Linforth from Pixabay

Terrorism and COVID-19: Validation and Opportunity?

In this article, Yan St-Pierre offers an overview how COVID-19 is perceived as both validation & opportunity for ideological & religious terrorist organisations & extremists, and how the current situation will likely nudge borderline terrorists to act.


EGIC Roundtable: Coping with Coronavirus – series

EGIC has kept busy and already planned a second event in the series, dealing with “Terrorism in the Time of Coronavirus”. This event will take place online on March 31st, 2020.