Image by Pete Linforth from Pixabay

Terrorism and COVID-19: Validation and Opportunity?

In this article, Yan St-Pierre offers an overview how COVID-19 is perceived as both validation & opportunity for ideological & religious terrorist organisations & extremists, and how the current situation will likely nudge borderline terrorists to act.

EGIC Roundtable: Coping with Coronavirus – update

EGIC has kept busy and already planned a second event in the series, dealing with « Terrorism in the Time of Coronavirus ». This event will take place online on March 31st, 2020.

EGIC: Smuggling in the Horn of Africa – An Agenda for Euro-Gulf Cooperation

Nikola Zukalová, one of EGIC’s analysts, wrote an extensive article on Smuggling in the Horn of Africa and the EU and GCC states’ common interests in the region, including and interview with Yan St-Pierre about the smuggling routes and goods as well as possible solutions.

L’actualité: La Demokratie en danger

Michel Arseneault, journaliste pour L’actualité, a interviewé Yan St-Pierre sur la mouvance d’extrême droite en Allemagne.