Heinrich-Böll-Stiftung: Panel on „Radicalism and Terror“ with Yan St-Pierre

The Heinrich-Böll-Stiftung invited Yan St-Pierre to take part in their event “Radicalism and Terror: Security in an insecure Society”, an event held as part of the pre-election campaign series “Interculturalism and Politics”, which addresses fear, security, migration and integration and their impact on German politics.

False Start: Identifying the wrong suspect after a terrorist attack

A discussion of the dangerous trend of circulating false suspects following a terrorist attack, and why it is important to show restraint and professionalism when dealing with terrorism.


N24: LKW-Anschlag in Stockholm

N24 hat Yan St-Pierre ins Studio gebeten, um über den Anschlag mit einem LKW in Stockholm zu sprechen.


N24: Tote bei Explosion in U-Bahn in St. Petersburg

N24 hat Yan St-Pierre um seine Einschätzung der Explosion in der St. Petersburger U-Bahn gebeten.