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Terrorism or not? The Knife Attack in Hamburg

Yan St-Pierre discusses whether the Hamburg knife attack can be classified as terrorism or not and gives the pros and cons of labelling an attack.

False Start: Identifying the wrong suspect after a terrorist attack

A discussion of the dangerous trend of circulating false suspects following a terrorist attack, and why it is important to show restraint and professionalism when dealing with terrorism.

Death of a Peace Mediator: United Nations 1945-2016

I can already see the eyes of numerous readers roll up: Another text claiming the demise of the United Nations Organisation. This one is quite different however as it deals with the UN in a different way, namely the organisation’s role as a platform for peace and dialogue. (Photo: Jordi Bernabeu Farrús / / CC BY 2.0)

L’insécurité de l’extrême-droite

Yan St-Pierre explique comment les partis, mouvements et représentants d’extrême-droite sont leur propre source d’insécurité et comment l’élection de Donald Trump affecte cette dynamique. (Photo: John Worth / / CC BY 2.0)