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The territorial expansion of violence in the Sahel: Strategic planning or adapting to changing economic needs?

It appears the security situation in Burkina Faso has become a good indicator of the expansion and tendencies of terrorist activities. In this post, Yan St-Pierre discusses the tactics behind a re-routing of smuggling routes in the Sahel region.

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Does History blur the Lines when it comes to Far-Right Attacks and Terrorism?

The label “terrorism” is a highly subjective interpretation of violence, but what happens when the moral perception is not as clear cut? Do we make a difference for “one of us” compared to “one of them”? If so, does it affect whether or not a far-right political attack is labelled as terrorism? Yan St-Pierre discusses the historical perspective and perception of left, Islamic and far-right attacks.

Guest Post: Lebanon ≠ Hezbollah – Why the elections are no indicator for the group’s strength

Guest author Nauel Semaan shares her insights about the Lebanese elections, the local reactions and how change is difficult in a system designed for stability.

Q&A on the terrorist attack in Trèbes

In the aftermath of the terrorist attack in Trèbes, France on March 23, many aspects of the attack and the ensuing investigation led to a variety of erroneous comments and numerous questions. As many of those comments and questions were addressed to MOSECON, we will give some answers here, hoping that they can provide a degree of understanding surrounding this attack.