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Death of a Peace Mediator: United Nations 1945-2016

I can already see the eyes of numerous readers roll up: Another text claiming the demise of the United Nations Organisation. This one is quite different however as it deals with the UN in a different way, namely the organisation’s role as a platform for peace and dialogue. (Photo: Jordi Bernabeu Farrús / / CC BY 2.0)

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The Far-Right’s Insecurity

Yan St-Pierre discusses how far-right parties, movements and representatives are their own source of insecurity, and how Donald Trump’s election affects this dynamic. (Photo: John Worth / / CC BY 2.0)


Attacks in Europe: More than Islamic Terrorism

Yan St-Pierre aims at providing the larger picture of the mass killings and attacks in Europe over the last ten months, in order to try to understand the various factors underlying this situation.


Updated: Understanding the difference between the Orlando shooting and the Paris stabbing

MOSECON CEO Yan St-Pierre explains the differences between the Orlando shooting and the attacks in Magnanville and Birstall. (Photo: Governor Tom Wolf / / CC BY 2.0)