September 30, 2019

AFP: Nigeria shuts aid group’s offices in troubled northeast

September, 19th, 2019


Sophie Bouillon, journalist with AFP, interviewed Yan St-Pierre on the Nigerian army shutting down the offices of aid group Action Against Hunger (ACF) in the restive northeast, accusing it of “aiding and abetting terrorists”, in a move the charity said endangered humanitarian assistance to millions of people.

According to Yan St-Pierre, a counter-terrorism consultant for MOSECON (Modern Security Consulting Group), there is a “sense of impunity” within the Nigerian military.
“The Nigerian army has accustomed us to act in a totally unpredictable way, but the violence of this closure is a bit different from what we are used to,” the expert said.
“The military may believe that ACF is not revealing everything, or authorities suspect a mole within the NGO,” said Yan St-Pierre, a specialist in the conflict.

To read the full article, please refer to the link above.

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