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A visit to St Clare & the Berlin Half

In March and April, MOSECON helped raise much needed funds for St Clare, attending the hospice’s Spring Ball and running the Berlin Half Marathon in honour of Stan Wright. Further donations are more than welcome!


Holiday Season Donation for St Clare Hospice

This holiday season, MOSECON wishes (and asks you) to support the St Clare Hospice in West-Essex, UK, with a donation. We have chosen this charity in honour of its first employee, Stan Wright.

Economic Forum 2018

Economic Forum in Krynica: Patriotism 4.0 & A Secure State in a Secure Europe – How to Prevent Extremisms

Yan St-Pierre was invited to participate in two panels at the 28th Economic Forum, which was held on September 4-6, 2018 in Krynica-Zdrój, Poland.

KNS Podcast Special: Security in Germany from a British perspective

This KNS Podcast is a very special special with MOSECON’s Director of Operations Nik Wright, who’s giving his British perspective on German security. In English with a German translation.