MOSECON can provide the following core services to your organisation:

  • Advice on “connect-the-dots” analysis and policies that allows a full understanding of the terror threat and conflict dynamics on tactical, administrative and political levels;

  • Training on intelligence gathering, conflict analysis and political strategic response to political violence;

  • Contribute to the development and implementation of counter-terrorism legislature that is both effective and ensures confidence building between the citizens and the government;

  • Development of local and national counter-terrorism policies and measures;

  • Advice on border security and management;

  • Implement communication policies that facilitate communication between departments as well as between ground personnel and decision makers;

  • Implement proper information sharing structure and policy between the different state security branches;

  • Advice on critical infrastructure protection;

  • Advice on election security management.

For more information on our services, trainings, speaker engagements or media enquiries, please check our contact page.