In a century defined by ever growing insecurity, MOSECON GmbH helps governments and non-governmental organisations to meet this challenge with the following services:

  • Provision of real-time information, analysis and advice on terrorist activities worldwide, covering the full extremist spectrum from ideological to religious;

  • Real-time information, analysis and advice on organised crime activities such as sex, human, drug or weapons trafficking;

  • Comprehensive advice on peace-building, counter-terrorism and foreign policy;

  • Information gathering and threat assessment.

We use our skills and information to offer tailor-made solutions that help decision makers to develop and implement flexible, adaptive, rapid, effective and localised peace-building and counter-terrorism strategies and policies.

By complementing governmental and organisational capabilities, we improve peace-building and counter-terrorism strategies, making them proactive rather than reactive. The strategies are developed and implemented faster and adapted to local context. The direct and proven result of our services are lives saved and improved policy effectiveness.

Our international network of trusted partners enables us to be involved in projects worldwide, notably in Europe, Africa, the Middle-East, Asia and North America. Our clients include Prime Ministers, ministries, NGOs, academia, international organisations and decision makers.

Modern and globalised threats cannot be handled alone. Only by combining our resources can we stem the tide of insecurity. Therefore, we are here to help governments and organisations to bridge the gap between practitioners and decision makers, between governmental actors and civil society and to fill the gap of knowledge and misunderstanding with the common goal in mind: Saving lives.

For more information on our services, trainings, speaker engagements or media enquiries, please check our contact page.