The Modern Security Consulting Group MOSECON GmbH is a counter-terrorism, security and international affairs consultancy, headquartered in Berlin, Germany, with offices in Lagos, Nigeria and London, UK. We offer strategic counter-terrorism and security advice that matches the flexibility, adaptability and speed of 21st century threats such as international and “home-grown” terrorism, international smuggling, extended organised crime, foreign fighters and mass attacks that require fast response times. As such, MOSECON’s personnel advises heads of state and government, governments, NGOs, think tanks and private companies around the world on how to develop counter-terrorism and security strategies and policies.

We strongly believe in versatility and adaptability, so MOSECON personnel is in an excellent position to contribute to policy making, agenda setting, strategic and tactical decision making as well as to security programme development and academic projects. MOSECON also contributes significantly in the field, an asset we view as essential to developing and implementing advice that reflects the reality on the ground. Furthermore, we believe that fast and reliable information saves lives, which is why our international network of informants and partners allows us to react and advise decision making in real time. This helps us significantly in contributing to prevention, crisis management and post-crisis development situations.

As we know that criminal organisations collaborate and complement their resources, we believe security actors must do the same. Therefore, our advice, methods and strategies are multifaceted and multilateral, designed to ensure that all security resources complement each other. As such, we are happy to work with and bring together civil society groups, NGOs, academia, law enforcement, intelligence networks, practitioners and policy makers to help develop the best methods and policies, as well as define the best approach towards improving the security for everyone.

Modern threats are international, adaptable, flexible, fast, stealthy and resourceful. Modern security must be just as savvy and resourceful, and we believe MOSECON can help societies to be up to the task.

To inquire about our team’s expertise and to find out more about MOSECON, please contact us.



Yan St-Pierre (CEO)

Counter-Terrorism Advisor

Yan St-Pierre has been working on the issue of terrorism since 1995. He has contributed research and analysis on far-right, far-left and religious terrorism for over twenty years and was a key contributor to research projects in the USA, Germany, France and Canada among others. He also worked extensively in the field for counter-terrorism and security oriented initiatives, notably in the Balkans, Mali, Malawi, Kenya, Nigeria and Pakistan as well as numerous other countries around the world. He believes versatility to be a key asset, and this translates into his work by being just as comfortable in an academic environment as in a conflict zone.

As CEO and counter-terrorism advisor for the Modern Security Consulting Group MOSECON GmbH, he advises heads of state and government, governments, NGOs and private companies on how to develop counter-terrorism and security strategies and policies that reflect the realities on the ground. His advice takes into account all aspects of counter-terrorism ranging from social measures such as deradicalisation to post-conflict initiatives. He believes counter-terrorism strategies must have full practical value, be adaptable, flexible and multifaceted, all of which is designed to match the speed and flexibility of terrorists while being aware of political realities.

His analysis and advice is also sought by international media and he is a regular contributor to the BBC, RFI, France 24, N24, Le Devoir, Wall Street Journal and NewsTalk Radio New Zealand among others.


Susanne Schröder (CFO)

Head of Communications

Susanne Schröder is CFO & Head of Communications, and as such responsible for the company’s organisation and the internal as well as external communication strategy and finances. She has long-standing experience in journalism, PR, social media and online marketing and has already supported several start-ups with founding, organising and marketing their content, products and events, audiovisually as well as in print/online media and creatively.


Uzoma I. Kingsley

Managing Director, MOSECON Africa

Uzoma I. Kingsley’s expertise is based on numerous years of experience as a security and safety consultant, including fire and intrusion alarm systems integration. He holds a Master’s degree in International Law and Diplomacy, a B.A. in Philosophy, as well as Advanced Diplomas in Security Operations and Management and in Occupational Safety and Health. Kingsley facilitates Critical Infrastructure Protection for the programme “Advanced Diploma in Terrorism Studies” at Unilag Consult, University of Lagos. In addition, he has contributed to several national and international articles/academic publications.
He is regularly invited by the Federal State Government and private agencies to provide expert analysis on trends in security threat, emergency management, health, safety & environment (HSE), and project monitoring & control. Kingsley is a certified technician by the South African Intruder Detection Services Association (SAIDSA).