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Phoenix News Hong Kong: US Nuclear weapons & aircraft carriers stationed in Germany

Phoenix News Hong interviewed Yan St-Pierre about US nuclear weapons and aircraft carriers stationed in Germany.


Zenith: Boko Haram is back

After the Boko Haram attack on the military base in Bohoma, Chad, Zenith Magazin has invited Yan St-Pierre to write an article on the security situation on the Lake Chad region.


EGIC: Smuggling in the Horn of Africa – An Agenda for Euro-Gulf Cooperation

Nikola Zukalová, one of EGIC’s analysts, wrote an extensive article on Smuggling in the Horn of Africa and the EU and GCC states’ common interests in the region, including and interview with Yan St-Pierre about the smuggling routes and goods as well as possible solutions.

The Guardian

The Guardian: Boris Johnson ‘is turning security into Brexit trade talks bargaining chip’

Mark Townsend, journalist with The Guardian, interviewed Yan St-Pierre on European security, especially regarding its electronic security capability and reliance on the UK and the US sharing their electronic information.