Yan St-Pierre has been MOSECON‘s CEO since its foundation in 2013 and advises various actors worldwide as a counter-terrorism consultant. He is an expert in the areas of terrorism, extremism, security policy and climate activism.

Education and training from Yan St-Pierre

Yan St-Pierre studied political science from 1997 to 2002 (with a two-year break). He graduated from the Université de Montréal in Canada with a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science. Afterwards, he traveled extensively in Europe to gain practical experience in dealing with terrorism and political violence. Then, he continued his studies in France. There, he completed his Maîtrise in Political Science at the Université Paris 7-Denis Diderot in 2005. In addition to his academic education, Yan St-Pierre gained practical experience during extended stays. He has lived and worked in Africa, Asia and Europe as well as in his home country of Canada.

Yan St-Pierre has been learning, working and advising on the subjects of terrorism and political violence for over twenty-five years, always staying tuned to developing trends. His hybrid understanding of political violence allows him to develop counter-terrorism strategies with optimal adaptability, flexibility and diversity.

Since 2005, Yan St-Pierre has contributed to research projects, books and articles on security and terrorism matters in cooperation with universities and think tanks. He was a research fellow with the Candid Foundation as well as with the geoeconomics think tank Eastern Circles. He has enjoyed giving guest lectures at numerous universities and institutions. Sharing his knowledge with partners, students and young professionals alike is part of MOSECON’s philosophy.

In addition to his role as a consultant, Yan St-Pierre has also been a welcome commentator on the topics of terrorism and security in international media. He has been published amongst others in ARD, AFP, Al Jazeera, BBC, CBC, Deutsche Welle, France 24, The Guardian, Le Monde, RFI, New York Times, Spiegel Online and Welt.

Personal projects

An avid sportsman, Yan St-Pierre is a baseball, softball and triathlon coach in addition to competing in those sports. He also takes part in various charitable activities supporting women’s shelters, hospices, victims’ associations and campaigns against discrimination.