October 29, 2019

Paris Peace Forum 2019 countdown


Yan St-Pierre and Susanne Schröder will be attending the Paris Peace Forum this year. In the light of MOSECON’s ongoing engagement in Nigeria, the Sahel region and the Middle East, the forum offers a great platform for building collaborations and networking with like-minded professionals.

We are especially looking forward to the debates on how companies, governments and NGOs can work together for a safer and juster world.

Having lived in New Zealand and in charge of MOSECON’s digital policy, Susanne is also very interested in hearing more about “The Christchurch Principles” project and how international cooperation can combat the spread of violent, hateful, and harmful content on online platforms.

If you happen to attend the Peace Forum as well and would like to meet up in person, please don’t hesitate to get in touch via our contact form or the forum’s app.

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