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Guest Post: Lebanon ≠ Hezbollah – Why the elections are no indicator for the group’s strength

Guest author Nauel Semaan shares her insights about the Lebanese elections, the local reactions and how change is difficult in a system designed for stability.

Q&A on the terrorist attack in Trèbes

In the aftermath of the terrorist attack in Trèbes, France on March 23, many aspects of the attack and the ensuing investigation led to a variety of erroneous comments and numerous questions. As many of those comments and questions were addressed to MOSECON, we will give some answers here, hoping that they can provide a degree of understanding surrounding this attack.

Should they stay or should they go? What to do with detained Foreign Fighters

It is and will be one of the hottest topics in the field of security in 2018: Should foreign fighters – especially those who pledged allegiance to ISIS – be allowed to return to their home countries? Yan St-Pierre explains the pros, cons & risks and gives his advice.

Terrorism or not? The Knife Attack in Hamburg

Yan St-Pierre discusses whether the Hamburg knife attack can be classified as terrorism or not and gives the pros and cons of labelling an attack.