October 9, 2023

euronews: Has Prigozhin’s demise changed Russia’s plans in Africa?

October 2nd, 2023


euronews interviewed Yan St-Pierre on Russia’s and the Wagner Group’s plans for Africa.

“Prigozhin was a CEO, which means that the organisation functions independently of him, as does the entire infrastructure around the organisation, for which Africa is essential in terms of financing, money laundering and so on,” explained Yan St-Pierre, an expert at the independent geoeconomic think tank Eastern Circles.


For Yan St-Pierre, “the fact that they support the dynamics of young people, saying ‘we support what you do and we won’t judge you if there are human rights abuses’, stands out”. This is well received. What Russia does well is provide an alternative to what Western countries offer or have offered in recent decades.”

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