May 7, 2014

Al Jazeera America: Interview with Yan St-Pierre on Boko Haram

May 5, 2014


The news network Al Jazeera America invited Yan St-Pierre to provide insight on Boko Haram, the mass kidnapping of the girls in Chibok and available strategies for the Nigerian government against the terrorist group.

Asked by host David Shuster if it’s unusual for Boko Haram to go after school girls, St-Pierre responded that

“Boko Haram has always kidnapped girls. It’s part of the process. The novelty in this in the amount of girls taken. […] It fits in a pattern over the last six to eight weeks of bigger attacks […] that demonstrate a boldness, an audacity now with Boko Haram […]”.

When asked about what the Nigerian government should do, the MOSECON CEO replied that the government needs a strategy that is adapted to the needs of the situation, going beyond military needs to include local credibility building as well as a border security strategy that limits Boko Haram’s capability to move into other states.

To read more on MOSECON GmbH’s analysis of Boko Haram, please read our blog post on “How to deal with Boko Haram?”